3 of the worst injuries in MLB history

If there is one thing that can really halt a player’s progress, it is an injury. A lot of injuries are small niggles, with players back on the field within a matter of weeks. However, a lot of players are not so lucky, and we have seen some players have to end their careers early due to injuries. 

In a recent Betway interview with Jose Bautista, he discussed just how important timing is in the sport, and how reducing injuries and keeping players fit at the right times is key. Unfortunately, it can be a lot easier said than done. 

With that in mind, in this blog post, we are going to take a look at three of the worst injuries in MLB history.

 1. Doc Powers

Of course, we have to begin with the truly devastating case of Doc Powers. The catcher at Oakland Athletics, Doc Powers, was chasing down a ball when he crashed into the wall behind home plate. 

Plays like this can often be the most dangerous and result in injuries. Sadly, that is exactly what happened.

Doc required a number of different surgeries. However, it was not enough. Internal bleeding was found, and Doc passed away only a month after this. 

This is a stark reminder that baseball is a dangerous sport.

 2. Tony Saunders

Tony Saunders had his career taken away from him because of pitching mechanics. The flamethrower for the Tampa Bay Rays was facing the Texas Rangers in 1997. He ended up throwing a pitch that caused him to fall to the ground in pain.

It turned out that a bone in his pitching arm had snapped, causing him to be on the sidelines for an entire year.

When he eventually came back, he once again broke his pitching arm. It was devastating for Saunders and everyone he knew, as he was ultimately forced into retiring from the game as a result.

 3. Ray Chapman

Finally, the only deadly in-game injury to have happened throughout Baseball’s long history was in 1920. Ray Chapman, the Hall of Fame shortstop, played for the Cleveland Indians at the time. 

Carl Mays, the pitcher for the New York Yankees, three a fastball, which hit the head of the 29-year-old. This caused him to experience a lacerated brain from a broken skull and a three-inch depressing fracture in his head. 

The incident that occurred resulted in a number of different rules being changed to protect the safety of baseball, and a lot of these rules are still in place today.

 Injuries are the worst part of the sport

So there you have it: a look at three of the worst injuries we have ever seen in the sport of MLB. Of course, there have been many more injuries that have been hard for both the player and their team. While precautions are taken, you can never predict when your body is going to need some rest and repair. 


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