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Central institute of Temperate Horticulture has established good linkages with Local Institutes in the area, National Institutes, State Agricultural Universities, International Institutes, Extension agencies, State Development Departments and Industries for research and development and transfer of technologies.

S.No. Institute Programme
1 IIIM, Jammu/Srinagar (CSIR) Biotechnological research and quality evaluation of medicinal and aromatic plants,


2 BARC, Srinagar Mutation breeding, storage studies
3 HETC, Ranikhet Technology transfer.
4 S.K.U.A.S.T- (K) Srinagar Post graduate studies, Genetic resources
5 S.K.U.A.S.T- (J), Jammu Genetic resources, Technology transfer
6 G.B. Pant, University of Agriculture Science and Technology, Pantnagar Genetic resources, Technology transfer
7 Dr. YSPUH&F, Nauni, Solan Post graduate studies, Genetic resources, Technology transfer
8 University of Kashmir Biotechnological work
9 NBPGR, New Delhi/ Shimla/ Bhowali, UK Genetic resources,Germplasm conservation andexchange
10 IARI, New Delhi/ Shimla / Katrain Genetic resources
11 IIVR, Varanasi, U.P Genetic resources, Trainings
12 IIHR, Bangalore Genetic resources, Processing and mechanization
13 Directorate, O&G, Pune Breeding long day onion and garlic
14 NRC, MAP, Anand Genetic resources, Bio-molecule determination of MAP
15 NRC Seed Spices, Ajmer Cropping system in seed spice
16 VPKAS, Almora, UK Biological control
17 CIPHET, Ludhiana,Punjab Processing and value addition
18 AAU, Allchabad Post graduate studies, Trainings.
19 State Departments of Agriculture / Horticulture, J&K, H.P, Uttarakhand Arunachal Pradesh Planting material, Technology transfer
20 University of Castilla–La- Mancha, Albacete,Spain Saffron production, Trainings
21 Horticulture Research Institute, Cairo, Egypt Olive germplasm, Trainings
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