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I. Programmes in hand


 1. Trainings

 Training conducted during 10th plan
Proposed for 11th plan
No. of training programmes
No. of officials trained
Average no. of persons trained per course/ training



 2. Technologies ready for popularization


  •     Popularization of newly developed/identified lines/ varieties through multi  location testing
  •     High and medium density orcharding in apple, almond and apricot
  •     Drip irrigation and mulching for moisture conservation
  •     Rejuvenation of old apple orchards through pruning an d nutrient and pest management
  •     Intercropping and pollinizers for higher fruit set and yield
  •     Presoaking and treatment of nuts with 500 ppm GA and vegetative propagation of walnut through wedge grafting under low cost polyhouse
  •     Double cropping of pea variety Arkel under Kashmir conditions

II. Services rendered in terms of supply of planting material /seeds etc

Under Horticulture Technology Mission projects and under institute programme elite planting material of apple, almond, walnut and seed and seedlings of vegetable varieties  and hybrids were supplied to J&K, Uttarakhand, Arunachal State Departments, farmers, nursery men, etc. for augmenting quality planting material.


III. Critical gap identified to be filled in XIth plan


Since the CITH at Srinagar is in the Army security area, the visit of farmers/trainees/officers etc. is restricted with the result, the access to new varieties and technologies/developed is very much restricted. Attachment of any one of the existing KVK’s or Establishment of new KVK under CITH in the newly carved horticulturally rich districts of Shopian or Ganderbal is required.


IV. XIth plan programme

  1. Establishment of one KVK
  2. Video Conference system in collaboration with Agriculture production Departments of  J & K and Uttarakhand
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