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The laboratory complex at both centres have laboratories with adequate need based equipments to conduct research on biotechnology, micro-propagation, quality analysis, soil science, plant pathology, agriculture entomology and post harvest technology.











Biotechnology laboratory: Gel. Doc., PCR, Centrifuges, Autoclaves, Electrophoresis units etc Tissue culture laboratory: Laminar flows, Incubation room with 20 tissue culture racks, autoclave, microwave oven, hot air oven etc Post harvest laboratory: Walk-in-cool chamber, texture analyser, soxhlet extractor, penetrometer etc., Soil science laboratory; Atomic Absorption spectrometer, Nitrogen analyzer, Flame photometer, spectrophotometer etc Pathology laboratory: Florescent microscope, phase contrast microscope, laminar flow, BOD-Incubator, Incubator shaker etc Quality control/Pomology laboratory: GCMS, Canopy analyzer, leaf area meter, photosynthetic analyser



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