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Progressive Farmers Print E-mail Name of the Progressive Farmer Age Level of Education

Postal Address /Village District/


Programmes of the Institutes with which     farmer is / has been Associated / identified Recognition, if any, received by the farmer.
1 Sh. Jameel Ahmed Dar 42 Graduate Chakoora /Pulwama Pulwama./ J & K. 9811033225 Participatory Research
2 Sh. A. A. Qureshi (Rt. Col.) 66 Graduate Uri/ Baramulla. /J & K 94191114222 Participatory Research (Kiwi and apple)
TOT (Apple under high density planting)
3 Sh. Mohd. Sultan Bhat 60 Matriculation Telbal Shalimar Srinagar. J & K. 09419934388/
Participatory Research (Apple, Hybrid vegetables)
TOT (Varieties and technologies)
4 Sh Mohd. Shafi 43 Graduate (B. Sc) Garden Seed Centre Karalpura/ Karalpura/ Chadura, /Badgam, J & K. 91-9419013381 Participatory Research (Kiwi and hybrid seed production)
TOT (Vegetable seed production)
5 Sh. Bashir Ahmed Dar 52 B. Sc Malikpura/ Pulwama / Pulwama, J & K. 91-9419031090 Participatory Research (Apricot and Kiwi)
Transfer of Technology (Elite varieties and technologies)
6 Mohd. Shamim 28 Post Graduate Kuchwari/Poshwari Badgam,/ Srinagar, J & K


Participatory Research (Apple and Apricot) -
7 Abdul Aziz Bazaz 60 10th Kuchwari/ Kuchwari Badgam, /Srinagar, J & K 01942410333/
-Participatory Research (Apple and Apricot) First Prize for growing quality and excellent apples and almond
8 Shri Inder Singh Raikwal 51 Intermediate Darim / Nathuakhan / Nainital (Uttarakhand) 9411520672 ORP/TOT Received prize from VPKAS, Almora for adopting different Horticultural technologies
9 Shri Himmat Singh Gour 55 Intermediate Satbunga/ Satbunga/ Nainital (Uttarakhand) 9639636835 TOT/Transfer of Technology (Varieties and technology) -
10 Shri Bikram Singh Negi 64 Graduation Talla Ramgarh/ NS Ashram / Nainital (Uttarakhand) 263158 9411290472 ORP
Participatory (Varieties and technologies)
I. First udyan pandit of Uttarakhand
II. President Kumaon stone fruit grower’s association
III. President Kumaon apple grower’s association
IV. General Secretary NHB stone fruits grower’s association
11 Shri Diwan Singh Bisht 60 Matric Chandara Pampore/1 Chandara/ Pulwama (J & K) 01933-246575
Participatory Research (Apple, Almond and Apricot)
TOT (High and Medium density apple planting)
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