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List of approved on-going Institute projects
S.No. Name of the project Date of initiation of project Date of completion of project Project code Remarks
1. Survey, collection, characterization and documentation of temperate horticultural crops. 1998 On going CITH-01 Long term
2. Standardization of efficient propagation techniques for production of quality planting material of temperate fruits and nuts. 1998 On going CITH-02 Long term
3. Standardization of medium, medium high and high density orcharding in temperate fruits and nuts. 1999 On going CITH -03 Long term
4. Large scale multiplication of quality planting material and seeds of temperate horticultural crops. 1999 Ongoing CITH-04 Long term
5. Studies on improvement and production of saffron. 1999 Ongoing CITH – 06 Long term
6. Breeding for development of superior varieties/hybrids in Solanaceous vegetables. 2000 Ongoing CITH – 07 Long term
7. Studies on evaluation of pea cultivars and standardization of agro techniques for NWH region. 2004 2009 CITH–08 Concluded
8 Pollination studies in apple and almond for higher fruit set and quality fruit production. 2005 2009 CITH–10 Concluded
9. Collection and varietal evaluation of garlic germplasm under long day conditions. 2005 2010 CITH–12 -
10. Collection, evaluation and identification of different root crops suitable to temperate region. 2006 2009 CITH–13 -
11. Standardization of agro techniques for quality cut flower and corm production of gladiolus. 2006 2010 CITH–14 -
12. Integrated nutrient management in high density apple plantation under different mulching. 2007 2010 CITH–15 -
13. Bio-efficiency of miticides against apple mites. 2007 2009 CITH-16 -
14. Maturity indices for apple cultivars in Uttarakhand. 2007 2010 CITH – 17 -
15 Assessment of AM fungi status in apple orchards and its utilization. 2007 2010 CITH-18 -
16. Standardization of organic agro techniques for peach under high density planting system. 2007 2012 CITH-19 -
17. Standardization cost effective production technologies for cut flower production in carnation. 2007 2010 CITH-20 -
18. Management of chilli wilt. 2007 2009 CITH-21 -
19. Studies on gummosis of stone fruits and its management. 2008 2012 CITH-22 -
20. Development of forecasting model for important pests and diseases of temperate fruits & nuts. 2008 2012 CITH-23 -
21. Evaluation of walnut genotypes in relation to floral biology and yield attributes. 2008 2011 CITH-24 -
22. Evaluation of promising genotypes of apricot for table and drying purpose. 2008 2010 CITH-25 -
23. Development of modal for organic baby corn production and its fodder value evaluation. 2008 2010 CITH-26 -
24. Standardization of pre and post harvest practices for extending shelf life of apple fruits. 2008 2010 CITH-27 -
25. Evaluation of gerbera genotypes under protected conditions and refinement of technologies for production and propagation. 2008 2011 CITH-28 -
26. Standardization of technique for plug plant production in ornamentals. 2008 2012 CITH-20 -
27. Minimal processing, packaging and storage study of high value vegetables and fruits for quality maintenance and storage. 2008 2012 CITH-30 -
28. Energy harvest through plant architectural engineering for increasing source and sink relationship in apple. 2008 2013 CITH-31 -
29. Management of physiological disorders in temperate fruits. 2008 2012 CITH-32 -
30. Management of frost, drought and other abiotic stresses in almond and apple in changing climate scenario. 2008 2012 CITH -33 -
31. Effect of integrated nitrogen management on yield and quality of almond and soil properties. 2008 2012 CITH-34 -
32. Performance of exotic vegetables under Kumaon hill conditions. 2009 2012 CITH-35 -
33. Standardization of off season production technology of pea under NWH conditions of Uttarakhand. 2009 2012 CITH-36 -
34. Post harvest management of temperate fruits and nuts for storage and value added products. 2009 2013 CITH-37 -
35. Development of apple based cropping system with legume, spices, vegetables, medicinal and aromatic plants. 2009 2012 CITH -38 -
36. Evaluation of strawberry varieties under Kashmir conditions in different production systems. 2009 2011 CITH-39 -
37 Development of superior cultivars/hybrids in temperate fruits through conventional and non conventional methods. 2009 2020 CITH-40 -


List of on-going externally funded projects


S.NO./Project code Name of PI Totlwe of Project Year of start Remarks
1-1.7 N. Ahmed Establishment of technology for production of vegetatively propagated superior quality walnut plants 2004-05 Ongoing
2-1.8 K. K. Srivastava Production of vegetatively propagated superior quality temperate fruit plants 2004-05 Ongoing
3-1.9 N. Ahmed Production of quality seeds / seedlings of improved varieties/hybrids of commercially important vegetable crops. 2004-05 Ongoing
4-1.10 R. K. Verma Production of quality planting material of saffron 2004-05 Ongoing
5-1.20 N. Ahmed Diversification with off-season high value vegetables for increasing farm income 2008-09 Ongoing
6-1.21 D. B. Singh Diversification in temperate fruit production through introduction of new fruit crops 2008-09 Ongoing
7-1.22 J. I. Mir Standardization of protocol for production of stigma like structure of saffron. 2008-09 Ongoing
8-1.23 J. I. Mir In-vitro multiplication of virus free clonal rootstock of cherry 2008-09 Ongoing
9-2.30 R. K. Verma Biological control of white grub 2006-07 Ongoing
10-2.44 N. Ahmed Space and energy harvest under polyhouse through genotype selection, training and pruning 2008-09 Ongoing
11-2.45 K. K. Srivastava Standardization of technology for rejuvenation of old unproductive almond orchards in Kashmir valley


2008-09 Ongoing
12-HTM B. Das Production of quality planting material of temperate fruits. 2004-05 Ongoing
List of Network Projects
Nodal Officer Name of PI Totlwe of Project Year of start Remarks
Director, CITH Dinesh Kumar Network project on outreach of technologies in temperate fruit crops (Plan CITH 2009 (March) Ongoing
Director, DOG S. R. Singh All India Network project on onion and garlic (Plan, DOG) 2009 (Feb.) Ongoing
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